2023 Events

May 7: Loving Presence/Body-Centered Psychotherapy Retreat (First Sundays)

April 28-29: Grief and Healing Retreat (to be confirmed)

April 18: Possible UCC Retreat

March 13: Regional Chaplain Retreat

March 10: Documentary Project with “All Brains Belong”

Jan 21: Planning meeting

2022 Events

November 9: UCC Retreat

October 29: Healing Retreat with Jesse Diamondstone and Suzanne Richman

August 14: Seder of Love Workshop and Story Telling

August 11-14: Personal Retreat

August 1-2: Educator Retreat-Starling Collaborative

July 30: Writing from Body & Earth with Marianela Medrano & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg: Join us for an afternoon of “Writing From the Body” with Marianela Medrano and “Writing From the Earth” with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. By writing about where we are – as bodies, and as part of the earth — we can generate powerful, new writing as we deepen our sense of being at home in our skin and on the earth. We’ll explore identity, callings, embodiment, personal history, ecology, and what it means to both live in specific bodies and places. Most of all, we’ll be illuminating how to make the visible – what’s right here in/of our bodies, dwellings, local terrain, weather and skies – more visible, and use that new vision as a lantern to lead us toward greater homecoming. Registration information and details here.

June 22: Chapain Retreat

May 4: Rune Group

April 30 – July 24: Earth Keepers Music Rehearsal (every Sunday)

April 20: Passover Ritual (one of our new annual such rituals)

Migrant Justice Retreat

First Sundays: Body-Centered Psychotherapy training retreat with Sandy Morningstar

Other Sundays: Earth Keepers Ceremonial Music Rehearsals

Past Events:

Our 2021 inaugural year events included a Chaplain Retreat, Ancient Medicine Group Retreat, Anandamarga Gathering, Writer-In-Residence Retreats, Hummingbird Center Planning Retreat, Educator-In-Residence Retreat, Poetry Reading with Jesse LoVasco & Lisa Mase, Recording session of Black Anthem, Educator-In-Residence Retreat, and Charlotte Church Retreat

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